Walter Mugwe

I was born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya along with my four siblings by my single Mum. Growing up was tough and humbling in the Nairobi slums, having one meal a day was a privilege and school was a luxury. The circumstances cultivated a lot of anger, resentment, hopelessness, judgment and self limiting beliefs. In 2008, after post election violence in Kenya, the practice of yoga found me. The practice turned my life upside down, inside out, and challenged everything thing I knew about life in the most enriching way possible. My first yoga class felt as if I was returning back home. It gave me the power to take actions in my life, step outside of the confinements of my mind while creating extraordinary results for myself and my community. Each day on my mat never disappoints. It has become a place for me to practice living my life FULL ON while cultivating OUT OF THE BOX rich experiences for me and the world, BIG TIME! The results are real. Now I am a world class, international recognized yoga teacher, leader and influencer. I lead transformational yoga programs and teacher trainings around the world, with the Baptiste yoga institute and Africa yoga project. I travel the world either teaching or supporting yoga leaders such as Baron Baptiste and senior Baptiste power yoga teachers facilitating life changing programs. In addition, I co-own Heart to Heart Yoga Studio with the most inspiring humans I know, something I never imagined possible. As a teacher my intention is to vulnerably, vividly and generously share the practice that gave me access to a purposeful life, strength and courage to live boldly with anyone, anywhere and anytime. Namaste.