Basilio Mwangi

Teaching yoga is my passion!!
I started practicing yoga in the year 2007 and it made a lot of shift in my life.

In 2009 I got an Opportunity to take my first teacher training through Baptiste yoga Institute and Since then I have been teaching/practicing yoga which has become a part of my life.

Growing up in a humble background gave me the passion to selflessly save humanity, During my first teacher training I had a life alternating experience like never before, I learned to accept and acknowledge my past, live in the present moment and except life as it is and as it’s not.

The practice of yoga has always inspired me to keep doing the work each and every day and sharing it with the universe at large.
Having gotten the opportunity to tour the USA and different countries in Africa through yoga has been a life-changing experience and gave me the opportunity to connect/understand and acknowledge people from all walks of life.

My intentions as a yoga teacher is for every person I meet and all student in my class is to leave knowing they have the serenity to discover themselves on their mat and off their mat, they have the power to accept what they can change and also accept what they can’t change and live life FULL ON.

Come experience she transformative power of yoga with me